We start by getting to know your brand intimately. We examine its market, position, vision, activity and the audience it communicates with. This in-depth research, analysis and strategy development are critical to building strong foundations for your brand.


After agreeing a brand definition with you, we start the creative process. It translates your brand’s positioning and strategy into tangible brand assets. These serve as foundations for further creative development.


Artobrand translates your brand’s positioning into tangible values, attributes and a master concept. We then develop specific brand components. We also use this process for established brands that we manage, which helps to reinforce and communicate their positioning and image.


After designing all brand components and establishing a brand system, Artobrand then implements your brand’s communication.

We can do this across a range of media, channels, environments and audiences. In the process, we make sure all communication reinforces and enhances your brand’s positioning and appeal.