Environmental design

Artobrand is a full-service environmental design agency. Our award-winning team combine interpretation, fresh ideas and the latest technology to design environments that engage and inspire people.

Working closely with clients we create original designs for museums, exhibitions, corporate environments, displays, trade shows and experiential marketing.

Corporate museums – telling your story

A museum or gallery offers your company a unique opportunity. In three dimensions, with interactive exhibits, you can bring your brand story to life, so that you connect with and inspire your audience. Depending on your needs, your museum can sell to prospective customers, change public opinion, or instil pride and loyalty in your employees.

Artobrand museum design services

As the Gulf’s leading consultancy for museum design, Artobrand offers you an objective view on developing your museum or gallery. We’ll help you plan and design yours so that it communicates effectively with the people you want to reach. Our services include:

  • >  Feasibility and concept development
  • >  Graphic design and branding
  • >  Installation and object mounting
  • >  Lighting design
  • >  Museum exhibit design
  • >  Showcase design and dressing
  • > Temporary and travelling exhibitions.